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Erasmus+ Internship in Madrid, Spain

Spain’s capital and cultural metropolis with 300 sunny days per year.

Erasmus+ Internship in Madrid, Spain

Enrich your Curriculum, gain work experience abroad, improve your Spanish language, meet new people … whatever your motivation is, our destinations are the ideal place to combine work and pleasure. Our team will help you and guide you during your stay abroad.

Our programme:

The Madrid urban agglomeration has the third-largest GDP in the European Union and its influences in politics, education, entertainment, environment, media, fashion, science, culture, and the arts, all contribute to its status as one of the world’s major global cities. Madrid is home to two world-famous football clubs, Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. Due to its economic output, high standard of living, and market size, Madrid is considered the major financial centre of Southern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula; it hosts the head offices of the vast majority of major Spanish companies.

In our multinational companies, small and medium enterprises or start-up businesses, the metropolitan city of Madrid, is one of the best places in the world, to carry out a professional internship and to improve the experience in your CV and gain experience in your sector of studies.

With the labor market so competitive, which exists today, a professional internship in Madrid, will help you stand out from other candidates.

Working in Madrid gives you the opportunity to be independent, develop new skills to improve your experience and professional career, improve your business vocabulary and get a closer view of the world of work. With our practices, they will give you real responsibilities and deadlines and you will feel comfortable and welcome, working in one of our trusted collaborating companies.

Erasmus+: Madrid.
Language: Spanish.
Allowed age: From 16 years old.
Spanish language level: Basic level, at least A2.
Beginning: Every Monday.
Industries: All professional industries.
Required documentation: National ID card / passport (if outside of EU)
Price of the internship: 450 Euros.

Total price:  


Book the programme with: 200€

Duration: 2 – 11 weeks 

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More about the programme:

Description of the programme:

The Erasmus + programme of Edutravel World has been designed according to the mobility programme of the European Union, to be able to offer you a company for your professional internship, according to your needs, your language level and professional profile.
In Edutravel World we face a list of more than 5,000 companies from different sectors and industries, that are looking for interns from European cities, with specialisation in a certain area.

The programme includes:

– Brief training, the first day in the Company.
– Unpaid professional internship.
– Signing of the internship agreement and annexes between the student, the foreign company and the educational institution.
– Accommodation possibilities at destination: homestay family or student residence (optional).
– Medical insurance, travel assistance and civil liability to third parties, with Mapfre company (optional).
– Evaluation document signed by the company at the end of the professional internship.
– The possibility of taking a language course, prior to the start or after of the professional internship (optional).

Participation conditions:

In order to participate in the programme, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

1. Be between 16 and 35 years of age.

2. Travel with a valid passport and validity throughout your entire stay abroad.

3. Have a basic level of Spanish, from level A2 or better.

Professional profile:

The position of the internship will be according to the professional profile requested. The tasks and responsibilities will depend on: the level of Spanish, experience and attitude during the intermship (punctuality, commitment, performance, leadership, and so on).
Different candidates could be presented to the same company for the internship. The final decision of the selected candidate will be taken by the company.
Edutravel World has enough companies, however we must not forget that we are facing the every day real business world, so if a company has been interested in our professional profile, we must value it positively.
For the correct development of the internship, the necessary material or attire, must be worn and indicated by the company.

Booking time:

The complete registration documentation must be sent to Edutravel World, by email, at least 8-10 weeks before the starting date of the Erasmus+ programme.


Edutravel World, offers you several accommodation options in Madrid, so you can stay in a homestay family or in a student residence.

Know here the advantages of each accommodation option.

Accommodation in homestay family:

If you choose to stay in a homestay family, you can have a greater linguistic immersion, practice more the language with the family and you can learn more about the customs and culture of the chosen country.


Accommodation booking fee: 70 Euros.

Homestay family, individual room with half board (breakfast and dinner): 310 Euros/ week.

Homestay family, double room with half board (breakfast and dinner): 270 Euros/ week.

Accommodation in student residence:

If you decide to stay in a student residence, you will be able to practice the Spanish language, getting to know young people from different parts of the world and making new friends.

Download the file here: Student Residence Madrid right in the popular Salamanca district


Accommodation booking fee: 70 Euros.

Student reseidence, individual room with use of kitchen (without board): 200  Euros/ week.

Student residence, double room with use of kitchen (without board): 185 Euros/ week.

A deposit of 350 Euros is required, to be paid on the arrival date when receiving the key.

in case of cancellation of the booked accommodation, the accommodation booking fee will not be refunded.

Additional services:

With Edutravel World, you might hire any of the following additional services:

– Airport transfers:


Airport transfer Barajas / Madrid City, one way: x Euros

Airport transfer Barajas / Madrid City, two ways: x Euros

– Language course, before and after of the professional internship:


Consult with Edutravel World.

Activities and excursions:

By booking the internship programme along with a language course, you can then participate in our programme of social, cultural and excursion activities at our Language Center in Madrid. Some of the activities and weekly excursions, which are organized in our Language Center, are the following:

Welcome party: free

Football game at Madrid central park: free

Theatre play in Spanish: 25-40 Euros

Visit to Prado and Reina Sofia Museum: consult

The prices are approximate and the programme may have variations depending on the season of the year and the date of arrival. The activities vary every week. Consult the programme of activities and excursions at the Language Center upon arrival.

Medical insurance:

We recommend that you take out a full insurance to travel abroad, with assistance during the trip, with civil liability and coverage in the company, where you will carry out the internship. Our insurance meets all the requirements of the Erasmus + programme.

Insurance company: Mapfre

Insured: Individual person with habitual residence in Europe, who contracts one of our Edutravel World programmes.

Territorial scope: From 35 km from the insured’s usual home, with coverage in Europe or the rest of the world.


1. Medical expenses abroad.
2. Health care of the sick and injured.
3. Shipping of medications, in case there were no, at the destination.
4. Displacement of a person to accompany the hospitalized insured (for hospitalization of more than 5 nights).
5. A person’s stay expenses to accompany the hospitalized insured (for hospitalization of more than 5 nights).
6. Search and location of luggage.
7. Loss, damage and theft of luggage.
8. Civil responsibility.


Mapfre insurance with coverage in Europe: 35 Euros / month.

Placement process:

El proceso de colocación en la práctica profesional, es el siguiente: The placement process in our professional internship programme is as follows:

Take the online written level test of Spanish, in the start section of our Web page: «Test of languages».
Participate in 1-3 telephone interviews in Spanish with potential companies for the internship. In Edutravel World we will arrange for you the interviews to be carried out.
Edutravel World will present you a «Job offer letter», with the complete information of the company to carry out the internship, that has been interested in your professional profile.
Once the offer has been submitted, you must confirm then by email to Edutravel World, the interest in the offer presented.
– Once the internship has been confirmed by both parties, the cost of the rest of the programme must be paid in the following week after the company is presented.
The Erasmus + agreement will be signed by the Ieducational institute or college and the student, and then Edutravel World, will send the documentation to the foreign company for signature.
Edutravel World will confirm the booking of the accommodation, when you send to us your flight information.
– Edutravel World will book the Mapfre medical insurance, if it has been requested and will deliver the policy to you by email (1-2 weeks before the departure date of the trip).
Then you can travel to the chosen destination, get to your accommodation and start with your professional internship.
– Participate on the first day, in a brief training in the internship company.

Enrollment process:

The registration process for our Erasmus + programme is as follows:

1. Solve the written Spanish Test, through this link: «Language Test«.
2. Complete the booking of the Erasmus + online programme by clicking here: online booking. Once we have received your online reservation, we will contact you.
3. Send the Edutravel World Registration form of the programme: Erasmus +, completed and signed at the end of each page.
Download the form here: Registration form Erasmus+ programme.
4. Pay the registration fee (250 Euros) and send a copy of the bank receipt by email to: info@edutravelworld.es.
The bank details of Edutravel World are the following:
Beneficiary: Education and Travel World, S.L.
Santander Bank, account: ES46 0049 5101 85 2916129046
5. Send the copy of your ID (both sides) or passport.
6. Send the updated Curriculum Vitae in Spanish and in Word format, with a recent and color photograph in the upper left part of it.
7. Send a Letter of presentation in Spanish and in Word format with the objectives, that you wish to achieve in the internship and describing how this relates to your current studies (ask Edutravel World for a model).
8. Send all the documentation by email to: info@edutravelworld.es.

Testimonials & experiences:

«I loved the programme. Madrid is a fantastic city with very good climate, good food and lovely people. Edutravel World has been very useful to help me find a proper company in the area I was looking for doing my internship and has found me a very nice accommodation.»

Beate Angermann

Erasmus+ student

«I have chosen Madrid for my first professional experience abroad. I have learned a lot from my sector of studies and I could experience how the work looks in practive. Next year, I would like to try another Edutravel World destination for my second internship programme!»
Géraldine Brauer

Erasmus+ student

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